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Hybrid Chronicles

Nonostante sia impegnata con la lettura della trilogia del post precedente, vado avanti con le segnalazioni. Oggi parlo di Hybrid- Quel che resta di me di Kat Zang. Molto bello, o meglio a me è piaciuto molto. 2 anime in un corpo ma tutto questo è contro le regole di questo nuovo mondo. Una delle 2 deve morire...e chi sopravviverà? Vedremo nel 2° libro perchè ancora non si sa...

1. Hybrid- Quel che resta di me
2. Once we were
3. Echoes of us
Casa editrice: Giunti
Autrice: Kat Zhang (Goodreads) -

1. Hybrid- Quel che resta di me
Non dovrei più esistere ma sono ancora qui.
In un mondo alternativo, ogni persona nasce con due diverse personalità, due anime. Con il passare del tempo, in modo naturale, l’anima dominante prende il sopravvento e quella recessiva viene dimenticata, scompare come un amico immaginario che ci ha tenuto compagnia solo nell’infanzia. Il sopravvivere delle due anime dopo la pubertà è illegale e visto dalla società come un’aberrazione da correggere. Ma in Addie, nonostante i suoi sedici anni, è ancora presente Eva, la sua seconda anima. Rannicchiata nella mente di Addie, Eva interagisce con l’altra parte di sé: come due vere sorelle si amano, si proteggono, ma possono diventare anche gelose l’una dell’altra.  Nonostante tutti i tentativi per difendere e nascondere l’esistenza della debole Eva, il segreto di Addie viene scoperto.
2. Once we were
"I'm lucky just to be alive." Eva was never supposed to have survived this long. As the recessive soul, she should have faded away years ago. Instead, she lingers in the body she shares with her sister soul, Addie. When the government discovered the truth, they tried to “cure” the girls, but Eva and Addie escaped before the doctors could strip Eva’s soul away. Now fugitives, Eva and Addie find shelter with a group of hybrids who run an underground resistance. Surrounded by others like them, the girls learn how to temporarily disappear to give each soul some much-needed privacy. Eva is thrilled at the chance to be alone with Ryan, the boy she’s falling for, but troubled by the growing chasm between her and Addie. Despite clashes over their shared body, both girls are eager to join the rebellion. Yet as they are drawn deeper into the escalating violence, they start to wonder: How far are they willing to go to fight for hybrid freedom? Faced with uncertainty and incredible danger, their answers may tear them apart forever.
3. Echoes of us
To change the world, I may lose everything. All Eva ever wanted was the chance to be herself. But in the Americas, to be hybrid—to share your body with a second soul—is not tolerated past childhood. Now Eva and Addie, her sister soul, are constantly on the move, hiding from the officials who seek to capture them. But the tide is changing. A revolution is brewing, and people are starting to question the hybrids' mistreatment. Then Marion, an ambitious reporter, offers Eva and Addie a daring proposal: If they go undercover and film the wretched conditions of a hybrid institution, she will not only rescue them, she'll find a way to free Jackson, the boy Addie loves. It's risky, and Eva will have to leave Ryan and her friends behind, but if she succeeds, it could also tip the scales forever and lead to hybrid freedom. As Eva and Addie walk into danger, they cling to each other and the hope of a better future. But the price they might pay is higher than they ever could have imagined. 
Giunti Goodreads

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